Happy new coffee year


Happy new coffee year

The coffee year spans from October 1. to September 30, meaning today is a brand new coffee year!

The last year was also one of the strangest for us so far, with the pandemic stopping us from vistiting our partners abroad. It was a huge relief to visit Brazil last week and secure coffees from our existing and new partners in Minas, Cerrado & Espirito Santo.

One of the nice things working with coffee is the feeling of knowing less as you learn more, coffee is a enormous complex business. However as confused as I can be, I do realize one thing: Being a coffee farmer in a hotter and more unstable climate is risky business. This year we saw for instace in Brazil both a record in low and high temperatures, many coffee trees have been wiped out by the frost and many crops have also been affected by the drought. In my opinion we all need to take immidiate steps towards the uncontrolled frying of our own planet. For the farmers in Brazil isolated, irrigation & more shade grown coffees seems to be the only viable way to go. We claim to do sustainable trade & business with our partner farms, and are happy to see many of our partners future proofing their coffees with both irrigation, more shade and advanced agro forrestry.

For many  of our partners Covid has also been very challenging in regards of actually getting enough labour to pick & process the coffees. Also our friends in central America was struck by natures forces when the Eta & Iota hurricanes swept trough the communities last November. However despite challenging times we see more beautiful coffees on the cupping table than ever before!

We are also increasing our production and we are able to make a even bigger impact in all communities we are involved in.  We are confident that our direct trade operation based on very close relationships with farmers around the world is the only way for us (and them) to move forward.

Happy new coffee year